Medical Records

How do I obtain medical records?
To obtain medical records, patients must come to Hillcrest Hospital Henryetta's medical records department and fill out an authorization for release of information. The authorization must be signed by the patient. To obtain a copy of the authorization for release of information form, please click here.If the patient is unable to sign and another individual has power of attorney or legal guardianship of the patient, we must have a copy of the paperwork stating that person has the authority to act for the patient.If the patient lives out-of-town or is unable to come into the office, another person may pick up an authorization and take it to the patient. We can also mail or fax an authorization to any individual who is unable to come into our office.The charge for providing copies of patient records is $1.00 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page. There is no charge for providing copies to physicians and hospitals involved in a patient’s treatment.
Can a physician request my medical records?
If a physician is requesting records as part of the continuum of care, we can release those records without patient consent (we do prefer to have a signed authorization from the patient, however). We maintain a record of physicians requesting a patient's medical record, and the information released. There is no charge for us to forward your medical record to the physician providing your continuum of care.
Can my insurance request patient information?
Insurance companies can receive patient information for purposes of determining payment.
How would a lawyer obtain patient information?
Attorneys must have a signed authorization from the patient or proper court documentation approved by the hospital’s legal department prior to obtaining patient information.
Can any type of authorization be used when requesting patient information?
A valid Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant authorization is required before we release any information. If we do not receive an authorization that meets HIPAA guidelines, the requesting individual will be contacted and we will offer to send them one of our authorizations to complete and return for the records to be released. To obtain a copy of the authorization for release of information form, please click here.You may contact our medical records department at 918-650-1305 with any questions regarding release of information.